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Professional Solutions Delivered, LLC and our teaming partners are pleased to offer our professional support services to customers via the Navy’s electronic SeaPort-e platform. Our collective capabilities provide expert innovative solutions and dedicated technical services.

On 28 June 2011, Professional Solutions Delivered, LLC (ProSoDel) received a prime contract award as a result of the SeaPort-e Rolling Admission solicitation N00178-11-R-4000.

ProSoDel is an engineering, logistics, and technology company that uses its depth of experience to solve problems of vital importance to our customers, while instituting best practices to realize Government cost savings. Our team continues to provide high quality service to numerous Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR) Systems Center Atlantic (SSCA) and Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) programs. Based on this experience, ProSoDel will develop and implement solutions for the mission areas supported by the activities and technical capabilities of the Navy Systems Commands, the Office of Naval Research, the United States Marine Corps (USMC), the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and various other agencies that provide support through SeaPort-e.

The ProSoDel business strategy is simple. We only undertake projects wherein we can enhance the mission of our customers through strengths exuded in our core capabilities. Our CEO-driven company motto is “our day does not end until we have ensured our customer is ready for tomorrow.” We provide the right mix of people and skills to every task regardless of the size or level of complexity. Always prepared to meet emerging requirements in demanding situations, ProSoDel continues to define and deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of our customer’s needs in direct support of Seapower-21 and the Marine Corps Vision and Strategy 2025 initiatives. Our strength lies in our ability to predict our customer’s needs, while providing proactive and decisive solutions.

ProSoDel will provide the necessary expertise to deliver support across the continuum of mission areas in Zones 1-7. Through an integrated approach, ProSoDel will meet the requirements of the diversified functional areas set forth by the Statement of Work by providing adaptive capabilities for successful implementation. We provide highly skilled personnel, with experience and training that meets our customer’s requirements, to ensure outstanding support of all tasks. An example of our outstanding support includes recent recognition with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Item Unique Identification (IUID) excellence award for our SPAWAR Charleston, SC Program Executive Office (PEO) / client. ProSoDel offers the Navy, DTRA, USMC, and other organizations a low risk, best value approach for meeting all program objectives.

Quality Assurance

ProSoDel employs a proven quality control process that consistently delivers reliable, complete, and accurate products and services. Our quality control process includes defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling our services to ensure successful accomplishment of all tasks and thoroughly satisfied customers.

  • We thoroughly review the purpose and scope of each project and define the processes involved for client success.
  • We incorporate the customer’s Quality Assurance metrics with our own Quality Assurance Support Plan (QASP) to monitor and measure all requirements and metrics for the contract and all tasks. We measure each process step using metrics designed to capture each step to determine if the work is proceeding as intended.
  • We analyze the project and the metrics to understand the progress of each task and make determinations based on this information.
  • We make improvements based on the analyzed metrics to ensure all efforts are correctly moving towards the intended purpose and scope of the project.
  • ProSoDel focuses on continuous measurement to validate that the process continues to meet its targeted goals and objectives. Controls are implemented as required to adjust performance and meet customer expectations.

At ProSoDel we have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality technical products and services, while meeting the highest level of ethical standards and performance in our jobs. This commitment never waivers and our clients are never dissatisfied.

Task Orders

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SeaPort-e Prime Award Term Option (PDF, 14 KB).

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